Jonny Bairstow wins more victories for England

Jonny Bairstow has been quite the force to be reckoned with in international cricket as of late. In just three innings against New Zealand this past week, he scored an unbeaten 109, 112, and 122 – leading England to an emphatic series victory. This makes him only the second English cricketer ever to score three consecutive centuries in a Test series. The first was Bob Willis, who scored three consecutive hundreds for England against Australia in 1973-74, while they were on a trip to the West Indies.

Against New Zealand, Jonny made his second century in a row, and first double-century, to put England in a position that they could easily have lost.The two main things that Jonny has been doing in the last few games is scoring big scores and converted them into big totals. This, coupled with his exceptional fielding, has been enough to drag England out of a very tough position. His latest feat made him the first batsman in Test history to score at least 200 runs and take at least 20 wickets in the same Test. This means that Jonny is now only two wickets away from being the first English batsman to take 400 Test wickets – and only six runs away from being the first to score 3,000 runs.Gary russell wins more victories for england

Gary Russell has been just outstanding for England in the last few games, and he was the reason why they won. He scored 104 not out, 86, and 66 to help England to victory over Australia in the first Test of the summer. This made him the first ever English batsman to score a triple-century, and the only English batsman to go from 0 to 300 in the same match. He also scored his first triple century in England.

Gary is a very skilled middle order batsman, and he can play whatever role the team requires. He is known as a very excellent middle order batsman and a good lower order batsman as well. He can play any role in the team and does exactly that. His latest feat made him the first English batsman to score 1,000 runs in a Test series, and the first to score 1,000 runs in a year. He is also the only English batsman to score more than 800 runs in a series, and the first to do that in a year.

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